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Islamic School – Montessori, Grades 1-10 and Hifz
Al-Manarat Islamic School, the educational community, strives for excellence by preparing students for learning beyond their Montessori and Elementary Islamic schooling. A Muslim School, among the best Islamic Schools located in Mississauga (near Brampton and Milton) trains students to be self-directed, realistic, and responsible decision-makers when solving problems they will encounter in our multicultural ever-changing world from the lens of Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
I feel fortunate and blessed to be in this leadership role and welcome it every day with open arms. I pray that Allah allows us to serve the Muslim Ummah and that He makes every year a memorable academic year for all.
– Principal, Nasreen Ali
Our Vision
“Al-Manarat School aims to nurture each child in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and emotional growth in light of the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”
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Striving for excellence and assisting students to become lifelong learners.


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Grade 9 and Grade 10 at Al Manarat High School

Grade 9 and Grade 10 at Al Manarat High School Note: This blog is a continuation of the themes discussed in an earlier blog post (A Vision Turned to Reality, published on 15th Nov). If you haven’t read our previous blog yet, we’d recommend that you proceed to read that one first and then come back to this one, to get a better understanding of our overall journey and vision. We can all agree that high school is an exceptional time in our teenage children’s lives. It is around this time in their lives that they undergo puberty and go through hundreds of changes in their bodies: physically, mentally, and emotionally. In other words, it is when they begin their one-way transition from being young boys and girls to becoming adult men and women. It is also...

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The Composite Nature of Human Creation | The Spirit

“And when He had made him upright and breathed into him of His spirit (38:72) The human creation, an upright being made from clay is said to be a receptacle for the ruh (spirit), a unique feature made by Allah. A physical object and spirit are the crucial components of individuals. The ruh forms the physical body which connects it to senses and intellect, which when both are used together, creates a perfect being in worldly and spiritual affairs. These are the two elements that summarize humanity itself, and this ayah explains that. Fakhr al-Din al Razi elaborates on this verse, saying that the human creation is not fully complete with just one element, but a composite of soul and body which contribute to a man’s uprightness and the spirit being breathed into man. This idea...

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A Vision Turned to Reality

Everything starts with a vision, followed by a defined mission, that is generally coupled with a vivid imagination. But what comes even before all that is the intention to simply act, or in our case, the act of ‘teaching’. Having gained the knowledge and education of the Islamic deen, our Founder and President Mrs. Nasreen Ali thought that the best way to act on her newly gained knowledge was to pay it forward. She did so by teaching the deen to the adults and the children of her community. She wanted to illuminate and enlighten the young hearts and minds with the miracles of the Quran and imbue the true awe of our Creator, Allah (SWT). One thing led to another and that simple act of teaching others in the community propelled our Founder on a...

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The Beauty Revolution at Al Manarat Heights Islamic School

All of us have heard Plato’s saying, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. While that sounds true to a certain extent, we at Al Manarat Heights Islamic School believe that “true beauty lies in our character (akhlaaq)”. Apart from tirelessly working to impart an Islamic education to our students, at Al Manarat Heights, we spend a lot of time developing our students’ character Islamically as well. Although this character-development happens in our classroom teaching daily, we have devised a fun and interactive annual school wide event to take a more hands-on approach to this important activity. Starting in 2018, we have organized an annual themed competitive event for the entire school where every student and their class teacher is expected to participate actively. There is a group of judges assigned who choose the top...

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