Facilitation of Content
“Al-Manarat School aims to nurture each child in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and emotional growth in light of the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”
Facilitation of Content
Students are exposed to plethora of knowledge throughout their stay at the school.
The teachers are trained to disseminate and educate in a manner which facilitates retention and understanding more than coverage and exposure. Among the different strategies for the facilitation of content are:
1. Layering Approach – The students will be taught in 4 layers to facilitate retention and understanding. The 4 layers are Exposure, Competency, Consolidation, and Mastery. The goal is to allow the students to view the same content from different perspectives and depths.
2. Student Focused Sessions – Low student to teacher ratio allows the teacher to give focused attention to each student and to recognize the exact issue that can cause a student to lag.
3. One Classroom system – Each class will be in the same classroom for several years. This allows the students to be comfortable with their space and keep their setting changed so they may focus on the content more than the learning environment.
4. Elongated time with teachers – Students will be spending years and years with qualified educators without feeling any sense of abandonment. For example, the same Math instructor for three years can do much more refinement than three Math teachers in three years.