Our Core Competencies
“Al-Manarat School aims to nurture each child in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and emotional growth in light of the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”
Academic Enhancements
Al-Manarat staff is trained to best manage the educational and emotional needs of students. Students’ education is enhanced by our academic and religiously intertwined curriculum to ensure that graduates of our school leave with a stable academic and religious career. The teachings of Islam are upheld in each part of our teachings at Al-Manarat.
Ontario Curriculum Infused with an Islamic Curriculum
Al-Manarat Islamic School strives to prepare our students with a high-level of worldly and religious education. To achieve this, our staff instructs students following the guidelines of the Ontario High School Curriculum while integrating an Islamic curriculum as well. Students are taught to navigate the world not as educated and Muslim but instead as Educated Muslims.
A Comprehensive and Holistic Islamic Curriculum
Our Islamic curriculum instructs our students according to the teachings of the Qur’an, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s hadiths, and the guidance of Muslim scholars. Students are encouraged to view the world through an Islamic lens to help them build their futures both in this world and in the hereafter.
Tarbiyyah Based Long Term Student-Teacher Relationship
We encourage our students to see Al-Manarat’s teaching staff not only as educators but also as mentors for their growth as young Muslims in the West. Our staff are encouraged to maintain long-lasting student-teacher relationships with Al-Manarat students to foster their educational growth as well as the growth of their imaan to ensure they become successful members of our society.
Provincial and National Contest Exposure
Our students are encouraged to partake in Provincial and National contests available to them to build their academic portfolio, which will help them in future endeavors throughout high school and in their post-secondary academic careers.