“Al-Manarat School aims to nurture each child in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, and emotional growth in light of the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”
Preschool is a crucial stage in the development of children. Choosing a preschool is a wonderful experience, but it may also be a difficult process due to the abundance of options.
Preschools are for children aged two, three, and four years old and provide a choice of programmes from which parents can choose. Children are taught not only academic abilities like as shapes, colours, numbers, and letters, but also social and emotional skills such as sharing and following directions, as well as other developmentally appropriate behaviours.
We at Al-Manarat believe that children should be placed in small, intimate groups with a primary caregiver, where they can form trusted relationships and feel safe enough to explore their surroundings. Each kid is respected as an individual and is encouraged to grow into a responsible, autonomous, productive, problem-solving individual from an early age.
Our teachers work hard to create a curriculum that is focused on the child’s overall development and helps them prepare for school. The teachers collaborate to create programming that is instructive, entertaining and keeps the kids’ interests piqued with Islamic values.
Fee Structure
Minimum age 2.5 years

Full Day $750/month
Half Day (8:30am to 12pm) OR (12pm-3:30pm) $550/month
Extended Hours (3:30-5:30pm) $300
New Student Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) $75