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The Composite Nature of Human Creation | The Spirit

“And when He had made him upright and breathed into him of His spirit (38:72)

The human creation, an upright being made from clay is said to be a receptacle for the ruh (spirit), a unique feature made by Allah. A physical object and spirit are the crucial components of individuals. The ruh forms the physical body which connects it to senses and intellect, which when both are used together, creates a perfect being in worldly and spiritual affairs. These are the two elements that summarize humanity itself, and this ayah explains that. Fakhr al-Din al Razi elaborates on this verse, saying that the human creation is not fully complete with just one element, but a composite of soul and body which contribute to a man’s uprightness and the spirit being breathed into man. This idea is deeply rooted in the Quran, repeated in similar statements in several other ayahs reminding how the spirit is a nonphysical thing and is being connected with a physical being. Merged with two separate entities, soul and body is a creature brought to existence. Other key components play such as dust and fluid, but the two most important are the harmony between the two elements which when given to a being, will undertake a purpose – to worship and collect knowledge on his Lord.

“True wealth, is the wealth of the soul” – Sahih Al-Bukhari

While people in this world are still alive, money will be a person’s ambition. The temporal pleasures of Earth create an atmosphere to focus on what is supposedly “important”. Yes, money is crucial to live and survive but to think that money is the reason we exist reaches the limit. Money is a temporary treasure that will allow for a luxurious life with no worries, but that is the physical body speaking. The soul knows that true wealth is not riches but contentment. If true wealth is placed in the heart, the world will chase after them, luring them to fall into a false image of wealth. While contentment occupies your heart, evil will try and sneak in. Our duty is to block evil and respond with happiness. Contentment will cure a human being from the destructive path of this world. The prophet (saw) said: “When light goes in a heart, the chest opens and expands for it (islam)”. So, how must we accomplish such a thing? Well, to face away from this world, a place of deception and see the Hereafter as a goal for eternal life, after all this world is merely a stepping stone to reach the other side.

– Zara Ahmad