Islamic School Near Me

Al-Manarat Islamic School is located in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada near 401 and Winston Churchill Road. In fact, it is at the junction of Brampton, Mississauga and Milton. It is one of the best Islamic School in GTA among many other Islamic schools. It offers Montessori (Kindergarten), Grades 1 to 9 and Full-Time Hifz. We are fortunate to be surrounded by other Islamic Schools such as Suffah Academy, Al-Ameen Islamic School, Iqra Islamic School, Al-Huda Elementary, Safa & Marwa Islamic School, Noon Academy and others.

We pray that Allah (swt) blesses all those who sacrifice their time and effort to build Muslim students that are not only academically enhanced but morally and spiritually uplifted with the teaching of Quran and the ways shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – Ameen!


I have 3 children enrolled for almost 2 years and am very satisfied with the level of Math, English, and science, commitment of staff, friendliness of management, and quality of Islamic education. I recommend enrolling children from an early age and parents should be ready to help small children keep up with the syllabus especially the Quran studies which require a strong foundation in memorization and comprehension. Adil Kamal

The most organized, well-made and executed Islamic school, program Ive witnessed. Teachers are qualified and loving, Standard of education is highest. Omair Qureshi

I have been studying in this school since grade 5, Alhumdulillah i am a graduate. This school has not only changed me in my academics, but my life too. Every single teacher cared about me as if I was their daughter, and made sure I stayed on top of my class and informed me if I slacked off. My English and math teacher, Br.Hassan helped me achieve my goal in getting into the advanced placement program. I would have not done it without him. The principal, Sr. Nasreen helped me stay on the right path no matter where i am. I am truly grateful. Br. Junaid taught me Islamic studies and Arabic for 4 years and he taught it so well that i still remember the time in grade 5, we would recite the Quran when writing it! I am taking an Arabic class right now, and I’m excelling in the class because of how well brother Junaid taught me. I give my thanks to all my teachers for helping me achieve my goal and excelling in my studies. I am very grateful that i went to this school and all the memories i have made. Thank you each and everyone of Al-Manarat staff. Amal Mohammadi

Started with the institute almost a decade ago and Alhamdulillah every moment of it has been remarkable. Great staff along with intuitive methods of deep learning such as speech competitions and annual projects make for a wholesome Islamic education. I would definitely recommend this school to all and any parents! Jami Khan

Great School! My kids go to Al Manarat for the past 7 years. Its a great school and management is very dedicated. The new campus is really good. Atif Rasheed

Combination of highly qualified staff and volunteers who dedicate their time to have their students seek both religious and worldly knowledge. Highly recommend this Institute. Haider Khan Lodhi

My granddaughter is a student of CASA 2, and she loves her teachers and school. The family likes it as they see a positive change in her, she has confidence she loves to recite, and has learned Duas which she is trying to teach her younger brother. The staff is dedicated and devoted to their profession. The school has an amazing Hifz program. My family is looking forward to see our kids in the Hifz program, in shaa Allah. Shamaaila Nooranne